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ConX PM Ltd. is a fully professional engineering and project management company, which is primarily focused on technological and structural solutions for oil and gas terminals. Now we have 9 specialists in the team, leading in their field and owning more than 20 years of professional experience. To our clients we offer elaborated and high quality solutions due to their wishes and based on our knowledges. We are looking forward to all professional challenges and ready to deliver the best results in different areas: construction supervision; structural and industrial design for thermotechnical objects and terminals; combustible gas facility design; structural design; and owner supervision and planning.


Owner supervision

The main aim of owner supervision is to ensure that the construction works are being made according to the structural layot plans, technical documentation is written and in order, construction works comply with the standards. Owner supervision has to be organized since the very beginning of the construction works and up to receiving the certificate of occupancy. Execution of owner supervision and following rights and responsibilities are regulated by "Building Act" and "Construction owner supervision procedure". Our role in this process is to represent the client and to ensure the quality of construction works.

Structural design

Structural design is one of the professional fields of ConX PM Ltd. We consider technological objects in fuel terminals (rail unloading gantry, tank farms, pumping stations, ductworks, boilerhouses, substations etc.) as our main scope of activities. We also provide a professional design service for different industrial and civil buildings. We have an extensive experience in reinforced concrete and metal structures design and our work is based on local and global standards (EVS, EN, SNiP etc). Using our extensive experience and according to the needs of our clients we offer an optimal structural design solutions.

Professional advising and counselling

We are ready to provide comprehensive advising and counselling services on project solutions development.

Technological solutions for oil and gas terminals

Our goal is to deliver modern and innovative technological solutions for oil product-, liquefied gas- and chemical terminals as well as thermotechnical objects and trunk pipelines. In our work we always provide service what addresses clients’ wishes and needs in accompaniment with our experience in design sphere. Normative basis of project solutions can rely on local and global standards (EVS, EN, API, NFPA, GOST etc). Our creative and rational approach to design is a guarantee of robust, economical, environmentally friendly and financially rational solution. Experience and high competences of ConX PM professionals in developing industrial designs and project planning for terminals have been also successfully implemented in other countries. We have been working with top specialists from Norway, Russia and Latvia.


Estonian Register of Economic Activities:

  • EEK000812 25.04.2011 Building audit
  • EPE000682 24.04.2011 Construction expertise
  • EEP002149 24.04.2011 Design
  • EEO002516 24.04.2011 Owner supervision
  • TGT000411 05.04.2016 Gas works
  • TST000348 29.03.2021 Pressure equipment works


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